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Adoptable World Eco Plush, 100% Recycled (Unicorn)

Adoptable World Eco Plush, 100% Recycled (Unicorn)

Item No: Keel017-16CM KeelAdoptableUnicorn-SE1095

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  • Around the World with Adoptable Characters – The first fashion Eco soft toy collection With happy expressions, each toy has the character and personality of a young animal. Approx 16cm
  • The adoring embroidered eyes beg you to pick up and adopt your favourite character Great design and still 100% Recycled and 100% Huggable!
  • Individual luggage tags highlights the destination and home of each animal (Educational)
  • #PRIORITY LUGGAGE Handle with care – Animals, Nature and the Planet
  • Colour palette is sunny and earthly reflecting the world and the sun of summer holidays