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BIC - 4 Cristal Ball Point Pen Black

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A collector's edition of 4 BIC Cristal Original pens, a version of the world's best-selling ballpoint pen. These BIC Cristal Collection pens come in 2 practical and versatile colours: blue and black. The barrels on these lightweight Biro pens feature a fun geometric design. With a medium 1.0 mm tip, these pens are suitable for any type of use and provide clean, smudge-free writing. Known for its endurance and durability, these ballpoint pens keep going for a very long time. With BIC, products are made to last.

  • A trendy collector's version of 4 famous BIC Cristal Original ballpoint pens

  • They have a perfectly spherical 1.0 mm tip that glides over the paper with unrivalled ease for clean and fast writing

  • The barrels have different geometric designs for a functional and modern collection

  • Lightweight and robust, this set has 4 black pens, essential and versatile colours that are ideal for note-taking

  • For your convenience, the cap and tip match the colour of the ink so you can find the one you need at a glance