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Vet Squad 2 Pack Assortment

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For creative fun.

  • Animal saving adventurers are needed!

  • These adorable animals are poorly and need your vet expertise to make them feel better! Use your vet-tech accessories to make them feel better

  • 5 sets of 2 super-cute animals to collect!

  • Use the bucket and sponge on the injury and watch the injury disappear magically in front of your eyes

  • Discover all of the environments in the world of Vet Squad by collecting all 10 animals!

  • Perfect gift for kids who love animals and going on adventures.

  • Includes: 2 Animals, Bucket & Sponge. One set is supplied randomly per order.

  • SEA LIFE Partnership - A £20,000 donation from the proceeds of Vet Squad will be given to SEA LIFE Trust to help support their mission of protecting the world’s oceans and rehabilitation and support of marine animals in their care.