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Edding - 360 Whiteboard Marker - Pack of 4

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High-quality brand product
Whiteboard Marker

This high quality refillable whiteboard marker from edding is ideal for writing and marking on both magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards and can easily be dry wiped from virtually all other non-porous surfaces such as glass, melamine and enamel. The lightfast, low odour, quick-drying pigment ink has no added butyl acetate.

In its 50-year history, edding has developed into a global concern with an international team of 600 employees around the world. Quality, reliability and creativity are the distinctive characteristics of the edding brand. We are proud of this anniversary and it has inspired us to look to the future with innovative ideas and market-conscious thinking and action. The continuous development of innovative market-oriented and customer-oriented products paved the way for today's leading range of feltmarkers and fibrepens. Around 150 edding "specialists" and their specific performance profiles ensure optimal results on practically any surface and for almost any application. edding is an innovative partner for problem solutions and marking and writing needs of the most diverse target groups. Right from the start, almost all the pens were refillable and our commitment to environmental protection is not only evident in the development of our writing implements; it is also part of our corporate philosophy