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Low-Res 72dpi-Glow Super Marble Run Box
Low-Res 72dpi-Glow Super Marble Run Box (3D)
Low-Res 72dpi-Glow Super Marble Run
Low-Res 72dpi-Marbles
Low-Res 72dpi-Glow Super Marble Run (Kids)

Galt Glow Super Marble Run

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Turn off the lights and the glowing marbles look as if they are flying through the air as the marble run has disappeared in the dark.

Construct exciting glow-in-the dark marble runs using transparent coloured slot-together pieces and glow-in-the-dark marbles.

Each piece is see-through so you can watch your marbles as they speed down the chutes and drop through the tubes. Watch them spin through the paddle wheels, bounce down the staircase, and swirl around the vortex as they descend to a home base.

There are two glow-in-the-dark starter tops so you can see where to place your marbles in the dark. To boost your glow pieces and marbles, simply place them in sunlight or under a lamp for a few minutes.
Building different marble runs will provide hours of fun. Start by following the colour guide included then progress to designing your own.

4 years and onwards