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Hexagonal Glass Jam Jars 280ml (340g) Honey Jars with Blue Gingham Lid - 12 Pack

Hexagonal Glass Jam Jars 280ml (340g) Honey Jars with Blue Gingham Lid - 12 Pack

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Airtight Preservation for Culinary Delights These glass jars with twist-off heat-sealable Blue Gingham lids are engineered to create an airtight seal, ensuring the preservation of the flavors and freshness of your contents. Whether it's honey, jam, or any other delectable treat, these jars with lids keep them as fresh as the day you prepared them. Efficient Space Utilization with Hexagonal Design The clever hexagonal shape of these glass jars maximizes storage space efficiency. Much like the organization of a honeycomb, these jars are easy to arrange and store neatly. No space goes to waste when you choose these glass jars for your kitchen. Eco-Friendly Clarity and Sustainability Our commitment to the environment shines through these glass jars. Crafted from eco-friendly, crystal clear glass with a low carbon footprint, they offer transparency in your storage solutions while promoting sustainability. Choosing these jars is not just a practical decision; it's an eco-conscious one. Effortless Filling with Wide-Top Design Filling these glass jars is a breeze thanks to the wide-top design. It's the perfect choice for preserving your culinary delights with ease. Whether it's honey, jam, chutney, or other culinary treasures, these glass jars with lids make the process hassle-free. Perfect for Gifting at Every Event More than just practical storage, these glass jars with lids are the ideal choice for presenting your homemade delights as gifts for various occasions. From birthdays to holidays, these jars add an enchanting touch to your thoughtful gifts. Picture your exquisite jams, honeys, or chutneys presented in these glass jars with lids, a perfect gift for someone you care about. Jam Jars Dimensions: Volume: 283ml, Height: 9.8cm, Diameter: 7cm, Lid: 63mm 

  • Airtight Jam Jar Lid: Keep your treats fresh with twist-off heat-sealable lids, Preservation for Culinary Delights sealing in flavors for honey, jam, and more.
  • Efficient Space Use: Hexagonal shape Jars maximizes storage efficiency, neatly organizing your kitchen, just like a honeycomb.
  • Eco-Friendly Clarity: Eco-friendly, crystal clear glass minimizes your carbon footprint, offering transparency and sustainability Made In UK.
  • Effortless Filling: The wide-top design of our 340g (12oz) 280ml clear glass deluxe faceted jar ensures effortless filling, making it a convenient choice for preserving your delights with ease.
  • Gift-Ready Presentation: Present homemade delights elegantly at any event with wide-top opening glass jars with lids.
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