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Jumbo - Peek-a-Boo Game

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A fun & exciting memory game. Can you collect the most cards before there are no cards left?

Peek-a-boo! Can you guess who is hiding under the coloured cards? Roll the dice and peek through the card of the same colour.

Peek-a-boo, who can you see? Place all 24 animal cards on the table with the pictures facing up. In turns, place one of the six covering cards on one of the animal cards.

Say out Loud which of the pictures you are covering. This way, the children Learn the name of the animals and remember All of the pictures. Make sure the coloured side of the covering cards faces up and that part of the underlying picture can be seen through the holes. The person whose birthday is next may start. Roll the dice. The colour thrown will match the colour of one of the covering cards. For example, if you throw red, you have to guess who is hidden behind the red covering card.

Peek through the holes and guess who it is. If you know the answer, simply say “peek-a-boo! I can see …” to check if you are right, lift up the covering card. If you get it right, You get to keep the animal card. Take the card and place it in front of you, then place the covering card on another card. Say out Loud which of the pictures you are covering. Roll the dice again and try to guess who is hidden under the next covering card. If you get it wrong, cover the same card again. The turn then goes to the player on your left. The player who manages to collect the most animal cards is the winner! Here at Jumbo we contribute towards creating a cleaner world. We decided to produce these eco-games which are made from 100% recycle materials. They are made by transforming old shampoo bottles, old paper and discarded wrapping paper into brand new games. That’s pretty cool!