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Phoenix - Kid's Travel Monster Neck Rest (Blue)

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Gone Travelling Kids Travel Pillow - Children's Neck Cushion Support with Microbeads - Monster Designed Neck Pillow for Flights, Trains and Journeys to Provide Smooth Comfort - Blue
    • MICROBEADS - The Gone Travelling Kids Neck Rest is ultra soft which is packed with cushioning micro-beads to mould to the shape of your neck alignment to help reduce stiffness and provide the ultimate comfort.
    • MONSTER - Our Children's Neck Rest has a stylish and vivid monster design with scary eyes and teeth to entertain your child.
    • ERGONOMIC - Our luxury neck cushion is ergonomically designed. One size fits most children with the pillow packed full of cushioning microbeads for a soft smooth finish.
    • CURVED - The curved U shaped design offers extra support to your head and neck whilst offering adapting to any position and environment to help relax you.
    • TRAVEL - The neck rest is perfect for any journey by car, coach, train, plane, bus and boat. Can even be used in the workplace and in your own home.