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Salter Speedo Dial Mechanical Scale, Black/Silver

Salter Speedo Dial Mechanical Scale, Black/Silver

Item No: Decco068-Speed Bath Scale-148Bksvdr

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  • Featuring a supersize, easy to read manual dial, this classic scale from Salter features imperial and metric measures of up to 136 KG.
  • Hassle-free and dependable, this accessory is perfect for any bathroom, providing precise and accurate readings with every weigh in.
  • The carpet feet feature enables the bathroom scale to be used to provide accurate weighing on the likes of carpet and uneven floors.
  • Simple yet effective, these classic bathroom scales are perfect for anybody, simply step on and see your weight reading instantly.
  • Always make sure the nifty scales are placed on a firm flat surface, set to zero and use at the same time of day for accurate results.