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Toyrific Kids World Globe, Educational with Stand, 25cm, Multi

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Children will have a great time.

With the Toyrific Science World Globe kids can explore their planet in an educational and fun way. By seeing the world as it really is, rather than on a flat map, children will be able to appreciate where they are in the world, where other countries are and most importantly where they are relative to each other. The globe has major and capital cities labelled on it too which is ideal for expanding children's knowledge of geography. Spin the globe round a full 360° on a sturdy stand to view this whole wonderful planet we live on. Exploring the world with this wonderful educational toy encourages children to be inquisitive and learn about the world, sparks their imagination and creativity. This high quality world globe is bright and colourful and easy to distinguish all the different countries in the world with its easy-to-read colour coding. Age: 3+. Product size: H36cm x W26cm x D26cm.

  • EDUCATIONAL WORLD GLOBE: bright and colourful children's toy with labelled major cities, countries and oceans

  • 360 DEGREE ROTATING STAND: see the whole world in an instant; complete stand with latitude measurements

  • DURABLE MATERIAL: easy-clean strong PVC and PP material

  • COLOR CODED MAP: distinguish countries in the world with its coloured text and coded boundaries

  • PRACTICAL SIZE: H36cm x W26cm x D26cm with stand is great for use at home and in school for learning